Comparison to other systems - Mitel 5000

The Mitel 5000 series platform is a hybrid communications system designed to meet the needs of medium to large customer bases. Below is a brief comparison of features between Toben and the Mitel 5000. Hold your mouse over any Feature to for a more detailed explanation.

Voicemail Features

Feature Toben Mitel
Available Mailboxes Unlimited Integrated 4-16 depending on licensing. Additional mailboxes require Mitel voicemail server
Voicemail/Email Integration Included Optional
Ability to record calls to voicemail Included Included
Voicemail broadcasting/distribution Included Not Available
Mailbox sharing Included Requires Mitel voicemail server
Web-based access to voicemail Included Requires Mitel voicemail server
Multiple directories for Auto Attendants Included Not Available
Physical Storage Solid-state (no moving parts) Solid-state (no moving parts)

System Features

Feature Toben Mitel
Follow-me call routing Included, Unlimited License-fee activated per user, per phone number. Maximum 5 devices/user.
Call Detail Recording Included Included
Call Queuing/Agent system Included, Unlimited Included with fee for additional agents
Multi-level Auto Attendant Included Included
Remote Desking Included Included
Hot Desking Included Additional License fee
Hunt/Ring Groups Included Included
Blacklisting Per phone and system wide Not Available
Time-based automation Included Not Available
Call Parking Included, multiple parking lots Supported through complex use of hunt groups and Phantom extensions

Admin Features

Feature Toben Mitel
Admin Interface Web-based, no software required Requires proprietary software client to be installed
Remote Administration Included Requires additional configuration and offsite software
Web-based speed dials and programmable features Included Not Available


Feature Toben Mitel
Fee per phone No fee, hardware cost of phone only License-fee per user plus cost of phone
Fee per mailbox No fee, unlimited mailboxes License-fee per mailbox; additional voicemail server required for larger quantities of mailboxes
Fee per Trunk No fee for SIP trunks (includes unlimited support) License-fee trunk