Advantages of Toben

Industry proven stability

Toben's core switching system is built on Digium's Asterisk PBX phone switch that has been industry proven for over 6 years to be one of the most stable and effective telephony platforms in the world. Hundreds of thousands of Asterisk-based PBX systems are deployed world wide, and are considered second only to corporate Cisco deployments in terms of overall VoIP presence in today's market place.

All of our Toben systems are built on embedded solid-state hardware. This means they are not "generic computers" like some PBX solutions but devices designed to run and operate over long periods of time minimizing both heat and power consumption. By bringing together this dedicated hardware and the power of Asterisk Toben delivers the unprecedented reliability required to keep your business running smoothly 24/7.

The features you want at a price you can afford

Perhaps the most important aspect of Toben is that it delivers all of the modern PBX functionality at a much more reasonable price than most competitors. Our modular system architecture allows you to only purchase the equipment you need now, and add on later as your requirements and business grow. Unlike other systems Toben doesn't penalize you for growing and needing more functionality; we have no software licensing fees or expansion packages; you buy the physical hardware you need and Toben takes care of the rest. With Mini systems starting at $850.00 it's easy to see why upgrading to VoIP has never been more cost effective!

Ongoing cost savings through the use of SIP Trunking

By far the largest cost of owning and operating any telephone system is the monthly fees incurred by your phone line costs. In the past the reliance on physical cabling meant that you were "locked in" with the local telephone company, held hostage by their high rates and service charges. Toben gives you the power to change that! With a focus on SIP, the Industry standard for carry voice calls over IP connections, Toben gives you the power to leverage the most cost effective providers in the market regardless of your physical location. Whether you choose to find your own provider or to utilize one of our network of leading national suppliers, SIP Trunking services will bring you all of the advanced phone features you've come to expect (CallerID, Direct Inward Dialing, etc) at a fraction of the cost for both monthly service and long distance calls. Unlike other vendors Toben has been designed for SIP communications since day one, so you can be confident that utilizing SIP trunking won't come with any quality or performance penalties!

Hassle free offsite extensions and flexibility

In today's world of home offices and remote workers it's more important than ever to be able to give your employees remote access. Toben makes setting up and deploying remote extensions remarkably simple: take your desk phone and connect it to any internet connection! No need for costly and complex VPN solutions or length IT support calls and troubleshooting. Enabling remote users becomes a truly plug and play solution.

Toben also offers a great deal of flexibility for remote workers. Whether they want to use IP sets, route calls to their personal phones or home lines, or any other combination of options are all easily managed and maintained through our simple end user interface. While other vendors may restrict you with options like "phone twinning" (only two phones can work together), Toben gives you true "Find-me Follow-me" single number reach by empowering you to have calls directed to as many different extensions and devices as you need.

Mobile Integration

In today's world of smart phones you can't afford to have an IP-PBX that's stuck in the past! Toben provides a unique solution to integrating mobile users through the enhanced mobile user interface, which allows you to have full control over your extension settings, call routing/handling, "Find-me Follow-me", and even voicemail and callbacks right from your smartphone. Best of all there's no special software to install or apps to setup; simply point your phone's web browser at the Toben interface and you're in full control.

Flexibility to grow to fit your needs

Toben gives you the power and flexibility to meet your current needs now and still have room to grow as your business expands. Unlike those other vendors our systems aren't locked down or restricted by license fees and hidden costs; you get the full capabilities of what the platform offers, making growth easier and more affordable than ever. If you start out with a Mini system and find that your usage requirements outpace what the hardware can support our universal Toben platform means you'll be able to upgrade to Base seamlessly; no reprogramming or costly downtime! We'll even take care of the configuration migrations for you so the transition is completely transparent. Best of all our license-free model means your upgrade is only as expensive as the Base hardware itself, there's no need to pay for components or features on a device-specific basis!

All of the features you expect from a modern VoIP system

Toben delivers all of the features that you'd expect from a modern system, as well as a few you might not have seen before!

  • Enhanced voicemail including email integration
  • Caller ID and customized information display
  • Easy to use Auto-attendant and IVR module
  • 3 way calling and built in Multi-party Conference support
  • Built-in digital Music on Hold/custom advertising
  • Ring groups and automatic call forwarding
  • Time-based event handling and support
  • Night/Day service and customized call direction control
  • Detailed call reporting including CallerID, answered station and duration
  • Optional "on the fly" call recording to voicemail
  • Custom DID and CID routing
  • Custom outbound call routing
  • PIN protection for outbound calls
  • Customizable caller blacklisting/blocking
  • Paging and Intercom support
  • Parking lot and page/hold capabilities
  • Call queues and agent services
  • Full Call Detailed Reporting along with searching and export capabilities
  • Customizable Account Codes for outbound and inbound calls to help organize CDR information
  • Virtual extensions and voicemail
  • Multiple customizable automated Directories