VoIP like never before

Toben in a Voice over IP based phone system that delivers the power and flexibility to meet all of your modern telephony needs but at a cost point that is far more effective than most other vendors. Toben systems combine the features and functionality of the award winning Asterisk Phone Switch, the flexibility and ease of use of web-based management, and our specially selected industry proven hardware platforms to give you a system akin to no other.

Toben Mini - Redefining the SMB solution

Toben comes as a complete out of the box ready to run solution. If you're a small to medium sized business, Toben Mini was made for you! Unlike other SMB solutions, Toben Mini delivers virtually all of the telephony features you'd expect from a modern VoIP system, along with many capabilities that you might expect only to find in larger, more expensive options. Couple that with Toben Mini's tiny installation footprint (Less than 12" x 12"!), low power consumption, and aggressively competitive pricing and it's easy to see why Mini is perfectly suited for your business needs. The Mini platform features no moving parts, and includes a built-in multiport Firewall/Router with full QoS and it's own DHCP server. In SMB scenarios it's more than capable of performing the role of PBX, Firewall and Internet Gateway/Router, helping to reduce the need for additional equipment and expense. It can also be dropped in directly behind an existing Firewall/Gateway or anywhere on the LAN to provide a quick retro fit or upgrade to VoIP without requiring any downtime or changeovers. Mini runs the standard Toben PBX package meaning you don't sacrifice features or functionality in exchange for it's small size and versatility. Best of all, with prices starting at $850.00 it can help you make the transition to VoIP for a fraction of the cost of other vendor's solutions!

Toben Base - Scalabilty and Enterprise when you need it

While Mini stands as the SMB flagship product, our engineers also recognize the importance of having a larger solution; this is where Toben Base comes into play. Offering all of the features of Mini along with an enhanced hardware package designed to handle much higher call volumes and concurrent user activity Base is the choice for both Enterprise customers and SMBs that have outgrown their existing solutions. Base offers the same friendly, easy to use web-based management utilities and interfaces as Mini, but also gives you the option of Enterprise specific feature sets such as our Text-to-Speech automated reminder system (RoboDial). With prices starting at $2200.00 Base gives you the flexibility of growing into a larger deployment while still maintaining one of the lowest Cost-per-set ratios of any Digital or VoIP system!